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so he repeated himself how many times?!! [Apr. 17th, 2005|10:46 pm]
[mood |coldcold]
[music |Holiday - Green Day]

hey guys...alright here's a quick update.

friday - went to the mall with jax. man was that fun...lol! we shopped for a little while then we decided to try on some dresses so we each picked 6 each! haha. we picked the worst dresses...lol our slut dresses! great times. but yeah that took up most of our time and then we just went home.

saturday - worked outside all day. damn i hated that. then just chilled at night cause "i didn't feel like going out". **note: never ask jackie to cheer u up...she just makes things worse!**

Me: Jax, cheer me up i'm sad...
Jax: OH OH! i'm going tell u a story about two girls who wanted to kill themselves!
^ yeah nice way of cheering me up!

sunday - family came over so i had to wake up super early to clean...urgg. hung out with my cousins for awhile. that was interesting! afterwards i called jax and we decided to hang out. we were really bored so we took a walk but got really hot so we turned around. then we decided to wash the car...hahaha! we got us more wet then we did the cars! took some crazii pics tho! lol great times great times! then we were soakin wet and freezin so we finished cleaning the car and went back inside. sit around for awhile then jim drove me home. funn ridee. i hate those effin seatbeats! they dont work. i could've died! lol but all and all that was a good way to end my weekend...


<3 tiff

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here's the thing we started out friends... [Apr. 9th, 2005|12:43 am]
[mood |weirdweird]
[music |Since You've Been Gone]

here's a quick update on my week...

monday - thursday i had school...what more can i say about that. it was boring as hell! great weather though <3...i'm sooo long it! thursday night i went to fridays with jax...good time! we got soooo much food. it was great. taking pictures while eating. jackie spit ice cream all over me! that was grossss! "people" kept calling jackie's cell. it was hilarious! then we just waitedfor her dad and jim and they took me home...great night! hmmmm friday we had off cause of the pope's funeral which my rents forced me to watch...THE WHOLE THING! that's right alll 4 freaking hours of it. that was horrible...but yeah then i just talked on the one then just chilled. yeah so that was mostly all i did this week...

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Ummm yeahhh! [Apr. 4th, 2005|08:22 pm]

ok i don't remember where the hell these pictures came from?! and jackie just informed me that i took teh first one...i hav no record of taking that!

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and spring break is officially over! [Apr. 4th, 2005|07:37 pm]
[mood |energeticenergetic]
[music |Scar Tissue]

alrite here's a quick update on yesterday...

ok sunday i did nothing all day. woke up at 1:30...god i miss spring break already. haha. then night went to go see Guess Who with Dean. fun time. that movie made no sense though so we just talked the whole time! lol. we're so considerate of the others watching the movie...lol! whatever. then i came home, talked on the phone and went to bed...scratch that i came home, talked on the phone, and never fell asleep. yeah thats about right. then i went to school...what an eventful day! lol. that's all i have to say for now!

oh here's some pictures i finally uploaded!


sleepover // amanda and meCollapse )

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spring break '05... [Apr. 3rd, 2005|01:10 am]
[mood |flirtyflirty]
[music |Mr. Brightside]

alrite here's a quick update...

Wednesday and Thursday: did nothing at all what so ever...those were my lazy days...haha!

Friday: decided to hang out with laura. she picked me up around 12:30 then we needed to give someone their avon they ordered. that was a fun hour car ride. then we just hung out for awhile and went online. no one was on so we watched my boss's daughter...good movie. talked to amanda online then she decided to stop by to see me and help me pick out clothes...ahahahaha great times. the dog taking advantage of me. "the dog's too short to do that!!!" hahaha greatt! then amanda left and laura and i went to the mall. shopped around for a little bit...bought a tank top (of course my mom got mad at me cuz i bought a small...lol). whatever. then met up with dean and his friends. had fun watching him shop. lol. i don't even take that long. well then we left so my rents took laura home and i was dragged to loews and shoprite. n i loved how i was in loews and three people were calling my cell. haha. well then i got home and talked to dean till 2. fun convooo! lol and that was my night.

Saturday: did nothing...woke up at 2. never gonna get up when school starts on monday...urgg. then mainly talked on the phone for hours then fell asleep again. fucking exercised then just watched tv. yeah todays been boring...tomorrow i will do something i promise...lol!

<3 tiff

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and the winner is... [Mar. 29th, 2005|11:44 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Look What You've Done - Jet]

fifth and sixth day of spring break!

funnnn day and night. went over jackie's around 3:45. we were both really tired for the longest time so we started taking pictures (our favorite thing to do)...lol! then decided to go on the computer for awhile. we then went down to the basement when my mom called and we decided i'd just sleepover...ahaha! we got really bored so we went back upstairs to jackies room. where of course we took more pictures. haha. then something happened and i ended up on the floor crying and i never got up. jackie kept saying garage...AHAHA don't ask. "tiffff what are you doingggg?" LMAO! that wasn't even funny but somehow i was still crying on the floor from laughing so hard. took more pictures while we we're going crazii. haha jackie yelled at me for garaging...lol! great times! then we decided we try to go download the pictures so we could take more but when i stood up i lost my balance and run right into the door. lol. her mom said she could hear us from downstairs and describes us as sounding like kristie and 10 of her friends...lol. went outside in the rain for awhile...funnnn! then ate dinner and went back down to the basement. jim joined us and we played are you for real. dumbest game ever. then we watched jim play pool then he went to bed so we just watched tv. watched weird showsss! lol. then we went to go get some cream soda but for some reason it tasted soooo weird. oh well i drank it anyway...i lied just a little. lol. then we started to watch the notebook (took awhile for us to get that on...ahaha) and i fell asleep at some part...i don't remember which but i woke up staring at the menu from it. haha. got up jim passed his driving test. congrats! so me n jax just hung out with him and his friend for most of the day. oh wait i cant forget about the "rain"...lol. played some video games and then went out to eat. listened to people talking about becoming president and about the whole story behind the easter bunny...lol! then they dropped me off and thats it. it was two fun days...lol! gotta love it.

<3 tiff

...scar tissue that i wish you saw. sarcastic mister know it all.

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you are 10 years old!!! you shouldn't be thinking of that... [Mar. 27th, 2005|11:38 pm]
[mood |dorkydorky]
[music |Work It - Missy Elliot]

fourth day of spring break!!

easter...what more can i say. today was  b o r i n g! i got gifts though. just some clothes, shoes, and CDs. then went to my grandparents..buh. talked to my 10 year old cousin most of the time...yeah thats right. i'm making him get a haircut though cause he reminds me of someone. ahahaha! then came on and called jackie. greatest convo ever. "haven't you ever just played with your gum...i mean pulling it in and out??!" <- greatest!!!! lol it looked disgusting so i just put it back in my mouth...wow that was interesting. i love our conversations!!! hahaha. then got yelled at for being on the phone cause supposely i was on for two hours...lol. oh well. and that was mostly my day...

<3 tiff

wow 10 year olds aren't suppose to know this stuff....lol!


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explain to me why i care about your life again... [Mar. 26th, 2005|08:07 pm]
[mood |refreshedrefreshed]
[music |Breathing - Yellowcard]

third day of spring break!

ehh. today was okay. didn't do much. mostly watched brad pitt movies. sOoOo hott...lol! but that was about it. tried to help people today. <- i'm sooo nice...lol. then later tonight i went out with my parents. ehhh that was okay. we just went out to dinner. that kinda crap. but other than that i did nothing. so i figured out that i won't do anything on the weekend then i'll do something everyday next week... : ) !!! yayyyy! can't wait. shall be fun. ok i'm out for now so bye...

<3 tiff

oh, how could i forget i went out of state with amanda today....AHAHAHA! <- sOoOo gonna happen!!!

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tired as... [Mar. 25th, 2005|07:09 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Martini Kiss]

second day of spring break!

hey. ok so today was okay. i did something like i said i would!!! most of the day i was pretty lazy and just hung around the house and talked on the phone...you get the picture. sOoOo anyways then tonight, picked up jax and went to the mall. my rents came in too but i still have no ideaa why!! walked around a little bit and had our usual talks. saw my dad and he didn't even recognize me...lol. oh yeah then saw my aunt, waved at her, she looks at me, and walks in the other direction. that was freaking hilarious!! went into CVS where we read some magazines....ahahaha! random question: what if i pee??? what do i do?? LMFAO! that was hilarious!!! nicee little articles we were reading...haha! got some food and ran into loper and sarah so we chilled with them. we mostly made fun of everyone walking passed us...good times! lol. that was fun. played soon air hockey...yeah i suck at that too. lol. then went in spencers. then it was 9:30 so we waited for jax's rents to come. we realized we didn't take any pictures so we took some while we waited and while we were in the car driving to my house...lol. crazii picturessss!! but all and all it was a good night. okay i'm out now so bye loves.

<3 tiff

still going for the whole doing something EVERYDAY...so whats up for tomorrow! hehe!

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funnn day! [Mar. 25th, 2005|09:27 am]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |Saturday - FallOut Boy]


first day of spring break!

hey. alright yesterday was our first day off. went to the doctors and got my physical and a shot. then my dad and i made a deal that if i let him shop for awhile he has to give me rides places. last night went to see the Ring 2 with stouty and laura. retard movieeeee but we had a fun time. alright lets seee...we were really bored in the beginning but then stouty decides to take his bag of jellybeans and pour them alllll down my shirt. so when i went to stand up they all fell out EVERYWHERE! that was funny so i poured my skittles down his shirt...lol. we were the only three people in the movie laughing...haha. gary kept playing with his phone and shining a light into our lights...i think it blinded me. i don't remember half of that movieee. but it was stupiddd. me and stouty was kept fighting so we really weren't paying attention. lol. then it ended and we left so laura came over and slept over. went to bed early and now we're up supeer earlyyyy. so yeah thats the first day...

<3 tiff

i'm going to attempt to do something EVERYDAY on this spring break.

^ what's going on tonight?

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